Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizing agent that is harmful to most waterborne organisms. It is powerful board spectrum disinfectant widely used in Europe and is an effective method to inactivate potentially harmful protozoa. it’s also works well against all other pathogens.

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There are 2 ways to generate ozone to disinfect your pool: Ultraviolet (UV) ozone is made by passing oxygen through an ultraviolet light emitter.

Featured of UV ozone generators:

  • Maximum ozone production rate is 2g/hr. per UV bulb (depending on size)
  • Most cost-effective units available
  • Highest ozone concentration is approximately 10% of average concentration available by corona discharge (CD) ozone generation
  • UV lamp bulbs require yearly replacement
  • Corona discharge (CD) ozone is made by energizing as ionizing fluid that surrounds a conductive element

Featured of CD ozone generation:

  • Much higher output that UV ozone models
  • Compact design fits almost anywhere
  • Does not create irritant by-products

For both UV ozone and CD Ozone generators, we recommend using a de-gassing device to eliminate potential harmful effects of excess ozone.

Atlas Blue is an official distributer of the acclaimed Triogen brand of ozone generators.

Manufactured in in Scotland, Triogen products are known for their effectiveness, durability, high-quality construction, and long service life.

Note: Ozone alone is not enough to protect your pool or Spa You will also need an effective chlorine dosing system to maintain best results.