Too cold to go for a swim?

Even if you have an indoor swimming pool, winter in Kuwait can be brutal. How can you make use of your pool throughout the year? The answer is simple! Heat your swimming pool during the cold Kuwaiti winter, and you can enjoy your pool all year round

The ideal temperature of your pool should be around 27C (or ~82F). You can achieve this temperature during the winter, or even on cold Fall/Spring days and nights, with the use of our electric pool heaters. Atlas Blue heat pumps use the latest design technology to provide the most efficient heating performance. Whatever type of pool you have, Atlas Blue has the perfect heating solution for you.

Our UK made elecro heat pumps will increase your swimming comfort, and deliver huge cost savings over traditional pool heating equipment. These heat pumps are specially designed to achieve maximum dependability and service life. Corrosion resistant stainless-steel surfaces look great and are trouble-free throughout their lifetime. With our wide range of heaters, we can mind your budget with the selection.

Atlas Blue can install heat pumps to existing pools that do not have it. Call us today and we will send out a technical team to inspect your pool. We will then recommend the ideal heat pump for your swimming pool. In no time, you can go back to enjoying your dip in the pool.

Atlas Blue Heaters (Elecro Evo / Titan Heaters)

At Atlas Blue we believe in quality and affordability. That is why we offer the best heating solutions for your swimming pool. Established in 1997 in the UK, Elecro Engineering is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of electric water heaters. The Elecro Evolution and Titan product ranges provide efficiency, safety, and above all reliability to effortlessly heat your pool to the desired temperature.