What makes Atlas Blue unique?

Atlas blue At Atlas Blue our team believes that a swimming pool company should be customer oriented, turning customers vision into a reality, must have a dedicated sales engineers, provide best quality service and a wide range of materials and accessories. There are countless benefits of owning a swimming [...]

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Pool Tiles

At Atlas Blue we'd like to spread awareness about which type of pool tiles should be used in your swimming pool. In this blog we will be covering all the facts about pool tiles in detail. A pools surface is made silky smooth and more durable when lined up with tiles, but it doesn’t [...]

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Filter Media

Filter Media During the pool filtration process, the dirty water from the pool goes through the inlet pipe of the filter to the distribution head located in the tank. Depending with the type of the filter you have, as the gravity pulls the water down, typically sand traps the debris and dirt. The [...]

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Design your pool with Atlas Blue

At Atlas Blue our Sales Engineers have tremendous knowledge on the swimming pool industries. With thousands of successfully completed projects and hundreds of inquiries a day, our Sales Engineers will know what you're looking for and guide you through your options. Design your pool with Atlas Blue and get the full experience! [...]

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Atlas Blue Company for Swimming Pools

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Atlas Blue for Swimming Pools launches its "Your Swimming Pool in Kuwait and Your enjoyment in Maldives" campaign Founded in 1982, Atlas Blue for Swimming Pools is a leading company in the construction and maintaining of swimming pools and plays a key role in the development [...]

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