Pool Surroundings Inspiration

Our team at Atlas Blue will always take the extra step in giving you amazing pool surroundings inspiration. Your pool surroundings are just as important as your pool for several reasons. First, you will certainly spend more time around your pool than in it. Second, having a comfortable surrounding to your pool will make [...]

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Saunas, Spas, and Steam Rooms

Our logo says it all: water, wellness, wonderful. At Atlas Blue we believe that water has a magical quality. Water’s wellness trait is truly magical, as in good health, everything is wonderful. Our specialty in water features includes healing facilities like saunas, Above Ground Spas (also known as hot tubs or “jacuzzis”), and steam [...]

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Good To know

Traditional pool shapes include classic styles dating back to Greco-Roman times, contemporary styles, and everything in between. The Atlas Blue team of design experts will listen to what you want and advice you about the style that best fit with your available space, architecture and needs. Most pool plans leave ample room to add [...]

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Ozone Generators

Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizing agent that is harmful to most waterborne organisms. It is powerful board spectrum disinfectant widely used in Europe and is an effective method to inactivate potentially harmful protozoa. it’s also works well against all other pathogens. There are 2 ways to generate ozone to [...]

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The Rich history of swimming Pools

Passion of swimming as a recreation activity dates back to 2500 B.C in ancient Egypt later in Greece, Rome & Assyria. For the Greeks and Romans, swimming was a crucial part of the education & development of elementary-age-boys. The Romans were first to build public swimming pools separate from bathing pools. [...]

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